Fairview provides respite services to help “at home” carers to take breaks from their caring.

What is Respite Care?

Caring for loved ones is an essential and valuable role that we play in our families and communities, but it can become totally absorbing and eventually detrimental to your own well-being. It is vitally important that you care for yourself so that you can care for your loved one.

Carers need to maintain social connection, so you might want to look at getting some respite help if:

– You feel fatigued
– You feel some of your needs are neglected
– You haven’t had a holiday during the last year
– Your relationship with your loved one feels strained
– There’s a special event coming up that you want to attend
– There are personal matters that you need to attend to

Carers often find it hard to ask for help, but when they do, they are surprised by the profound difference it can make to their lives and relationships.

We can provide short term support, perhaps for a couple of hours or a single day when needed; or longer term which might be once or twice a week. Even a short break will allow you to return to your task feeling refreshed.

For your own well-being, seek support early. Fairview Care Support Workers are highly professional, trustworthy and sensitive to your needs.

We understand that nobody can look after your loved one as well as you. However we are committed to giving you a break with the confidence that we will look after your loved one in your absence, to the same high standards that they are used to receiving from you.

We can provide you with daily updates by phone, email or text message if you require.

At an Initial Consultation your Care Coordinator will discuss the individual circumstance, needs and preferences of your care recipient, and help you work out a customised care plan. We work with you every step of the way.

Fairview Retirement Village provides respite care in all three units of the facility and can be a satisfactory transition from living at home to permanent living in a care facility. All services provided in Perry James Lodge, Nan Crane Lodge and Federation Lodge to permanent residents are also provided to people on respite. Families are required to have respite residents’ clothing labelled and provide a current medication and treatment plan from their general practitioner. Respite care needs can be discussed with the Director of Care or Deputy Director of Care. (02) 6752 9200


Anyone wishing to organise residential respite care, either for themselves or for the person they’re caring for, should contact the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) in Narrabri on (02) 6799 2002.

Once an appointment is made, a member of the local ACAT will visit you or the person you care for, at home or in hospital to assess the needs of the individual. The team will then talk to you about what services you or the person you are caring for may need and what is available in your area.

Once an assessment has been completed by ACAT, available respite at Fairview may be booked.

For any further information please contact the office at Fairview on (02) 6752 9200.In most cases, a person can have up to 63 days of respite care in a financial year. However, if the ACAT considers it is necessary, extensions of up to 21 days at a time are possible.

Call us now for a free personal and confidential consultation on 02 6752 9200

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