At Fairview we have nursing staff that are highly skilled in Aged Care nursing.

Our Experience

          At Fairview we have nursing staff that are highly skilled in Aged Care nursing. This is a very special role and all our staff have attained certificates in Aged Care work. They come to our facility with their Certificate 3 in Aged Care and are usually trained through TAFE.  They may then go on to complete the Certificate 4 in Aged Care.

We are able to access scholarships through TAFE for our nurses to complete the Enrolled Nurse training (EN). They are then encouraged to continue on to do their Registered Nurse (RN) training. We believe that education is paramount to providing excellent care to our residents.

Staff are also encouraged to have a First Aid Certificate and all have police checks every three years. At interview all current references are checked to ensure the highest possible standard of care.

Once employed, staff have a daily orientation with our educator and are provided with a booklet so that they keep up to date with their practice. All staff have performance reviews, and if a need arises, we are able to offer the appropriate training. All staff sign a confidentiality and privacy agreement on commencement at Fairview.

We have access to the Aged Care Channel and our educator is continually updating the programs. As well as this we are constantly running education sessions which relate to the care of the resident and include the updating of current educational information.

In accordance with the new requirements of the registering body which manages the Registered and Enrolled Nurses, the staff are able to gain their required twenty professional development points to maintain registration. A current list is kept by the Care Services Manager, and is always available for governing departments to view.